Ask Amanita Ender

Name: Amanita Ender
Current age: 17
Height: 2.5 blocks / approx. 8 ft.
Sex: Female
Birthday: March 11'th
Relationship status: Single?

(/); A ;(\ !AHHHH! /); A ;(\)

You guys wanna know why I went on hiatus? I have NO MORE PAPER. None. Not a single sheet. I don’t have a scrap of blank drawing paper to keep this blog’s art going. Not to mention my thumbdrive and any art or programs I had on it was lost recently, so even if I did have paper to draw on I wouldn’t be able to edit and color the image like I use to. 

mc-taverns said: Spruce:- Do ye change how yer hai-- er...leaves look sometimes?

Amanita: "Not really. I’ve tried folding them in the past, but I couldn’t find any styles I felt comfortable with. I found out a way to dye them, but I’d have to trim them if I ever wanted a new color."

Anonymous said: *pets her little leaves* so cute!

Amanita: \(o w o/ “Werhg!” *snort*

caliginousdoubt said: Hello! How are you today? :)

Amanita: "Fannntastic. \(o w o / There’s this one pvp arena type world I like that I think I might just go to today. That is if I’m not too busy with other junk.”

bb-demon-slayer said: Amanita?... How are you doin in church? Are you okay?

Amanita: "Yeah, I’m good. I feel like a complete goof when it comes to not knowing what to do when we go over things like prayer, but other than that I’m pretty alright. Why do you ask?"

Anonymous said: *spanks her booty*

cybore said: Care to tell us who are in the temple with you?

Amanita: "Sorry bud. The only people I know so far are Cremini, Evan, Grandma Verpa, Honey, Pix, Holt, and Bailey. If I could remember the names of every endershroom that came in and out of that place, I’d tell you."  

mc-taverns said: Alliya:- *The squid scoots over to Amanita and wraps her tentacles around Ama's leg in an embrace. She makes some kind of half-purring half-gurgling sound as her speech to comfort the Endershroom.* Squrrrreeeee <3

Amanita: "W!-WWwwhhoa there, boneless friend thing. You darn near gave me a heart attack sneakin’ up on me like that. Or uhm… enderpearl attack. Heart attack?… Either way, you startled me." (/)>//w//<(\

Amanita: "Hey guys. Sorry I haven’t been around much lately. I’ve been having some trouble building up the confidence to get back on my computer after attending one of my temple’s group therapy sessions. Would any of you mind sending me a couple nice messages to help me liven up a bit? You don’t have to if you don’t want to."

"Group therapy"
*current work in progress*