Ask Amanita Ender

Name: Amanita Ender
Current age: 17
Height: 2.5 blocks / approx. 8 ft.
Sex: Female
Birthday: March 11'th
Relationship status: Single?

Hours of frustration later and I still don’t like how it turned out. ;w;

Now that our tablet’s up and running once again, I have decided for no particular reason what so ever to draw a transparent slime block. The second slime block being one of a more accurate color.

 /; w ;\) Check out my bro’s blog. 


 /; w ;\) Check out my bro’s blog. 

Anonymous said: whatever happened to you making a nsfw blog? i dont think people will focus on the name of it or find it silly for just calling it amanita nsfw

I’m sorry, but I don’t know if I could ever dedicate an entire blog to nothing but ‘jiggly mushroom bits’ when I can barely keep this darny darn blog afloat.

\9 ^ 9)/

I’m currently trying my hand at building a scale replica of the rpg maker game known as “Ao oni”. If you don’t know what that is, I totally recommend checking out the link below. I would’ve liked to have given my version of the Oni a squid head, but I’m still not all that good at using command blocks, so it’ll have to wait.

  • Giant Amanita staring at a singular patch of potato.
  • The 2’nd highest score I ever got on bridges.
  • Amanita’s new pig “truffles”.
  • Truffles from the side.
  • Some weird title I made out of boredom.
  • Boredom title from the side.
  • American flag on a boulder. (using the new 1.8 banners)
  • Flag from the back.
  • My first floor recreation of the game Ao oni.

(/); A ;(\ !AHHHH! /); A ;(\)

You guys wanna know why I went on hiatus? I have NO MORE PAPER. None. Not a single sheet. I don’t have a scrap of blank drawing paper to keep this blog’s art going. Not to mention my thumbdrive and any art or programs I had on it was lost recently, so even if I did have paper to draw on I wouldn’t be able to edit and color the image like I use to. 

mc-taverns said: Spruce:- Do ye change how yer hai-- er...leaves look sometimes?

Amanita: "Not really. I’ve tried folding them in the past, but I couldn’t find any styles I felt comfortable with. I found out a way to dye them, but I’d have to trim them if I ever wanted a new color."

Anonymous said: *pets her little leaves* so cute!

Amanita: \(o w o/ “Werhg!” *snort*

caliginousdoubt said: Hello! How are you today? :)

Amanita: "Fannntastic. \(o w o / There’s this one pvp arena type world I like that I think I might just go to today. That is if I’m not too busy with other junk.”